Gavi and CDC Group Expanding their Programmes through Partnership and Investment

Gavi and CDC Group Expanding their Programmes through Partnership and Investment

Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, is exploring new partnerships to expand their reach in the developing world. The public-private partnership is currently looking towards tech companies in Silicon Valley to aid in increasing equitable access to immunisations in developing countries and to reach their goal of immunising 300 million people by 2020.

Gavi CEO Seth Berkley said the goal of this new partnership is “not to raise money, but to get ideas.” Through this partnership, Gavi hopes to be able to track doses, monitor the cold chain, and reduce stock-outs; find digital identity solutions for the one-third of children without an identity in developing nations and connect them to vaccinations and other health services; and find innovations to reach the many under-immunised in urban slums.

Gavi’s previous partnerships include partnering with Zipline, the United Parcel Service and the Rwandan government to use drone technology to deliver life-saving blood supplies to remote areas. This technology is now being developed further to deliver rabies vaccines, anti-venom and other life-saving vaccines to remote regions.

Watch our interview with Paolo Sison, Director of Innovative Finance at Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance from the 2017 Global Disaster Relief and Development Summit.

The Commonwealth Development Corporation Group (CDC Group) will also be expanding their projects and programmes after the UK Department for International Development (DfID) announced it will invest £3.5 billion into the development finance institution over the next five years. Priti Patel, the UK Secretary for International Development, said the plan aims to create “vital jobs and economic stability that enables countries to leave poverty behind and stand on their own two feet.” The investment will be used to create jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing and renewable energy; and generate revenue for developing country governments through taxation in the 74 poorest and most fragile countries in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Explore opportunities of sustainable collaboration and building effective partnerships for aid and development programmes at the 3rd annual  Aid & Development Africa Summit, taking place on 27-28 February 2018 in Nairobi. The Summit agenda looks into the evolution of partnerships in the humanitarian and development space, strategic and public-private partnerships, outlining new actors, latest trends such as crowd-sourcing and future opportunities. Expert speaker panels will share insights into how to maximise social and economic benefits by choosing the right partner and programme, as well as how to measure effective collaborations whether it is disaster preparedness, health & WASH programmes, ICT or electronic payment applications, humanitarian logistics or rural infrastructure. Discover the Summit agenda here

Hear from 70+ speakers including:

  • Olawale Maiyegun, Director, Department of Social Affairs, African Union Commission
  • Johanes Koku Nyagblordzro, Executive Chairman, Center for Africa Development and Progress (CADeP)
  • Rage Mohamed Adam, Head of M&E, Ministry of Public Works, Reconstructions and Housing
  • Walter Odero, Country Economist, African Development Bank Group
  • Mamadou Biteye, Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation
  • Adrian van der Knaap, Deputy Regional Director, World Food Programme
  • Oltesh Thobias, Chief Regional Procurement Officer, African Development Bank Group
  • Khary Dickerson, Regional Resource Development Director, World Vision
  • Kasirim Nwuke, Chief, New Technologies and Innovation, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)
  • Michael Nicholson, Economist, USAID
  • Karen Peachey, East Africa Regional Representative, Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP)
    …and many more. View full list of speakers here

For more information about Aid & Development Africa Summit, please visit or contact Alina O’Keeffe, Head of Marketing, Aid & International Development Forum (AIDF) at

Image source: Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance

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